Falling with a Damned Heart

July 21, 2011
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That first time, you expected sweetness and birdsong but instead you got cheated out, hurt and betrayed.

But during those precious moments in between, everything was right. He was good, he was your night in shining armor, he was yours to hold, yours to keep with you for as long as there were stars in the night sky.

And after finding out that his so-called love, care and sincerity was not yours but someone else’s. There were unanswered questions that pressed into your head and make you crazy to be held the way you once were, but you know it’s fatal.

You let yourself fall into routine, day after day, night after night, hoping you’ll catch his eye the way you did before.

But you know that however probable this situation may occur, you promise yourself to be more careful next time, to trust only those who show their true faces with your damned heart. But you know that one day, you’ll fell the same way you did about him and you’ll let yourself be betrayed, hurt and cheated out once again. Because no one can protect themselves when love sucker punches you. Love is hard but if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t mean anything.

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