You can call me Heartless

July 21, 2011
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Her cute hips and thighs… oh so lovely eyes attract you. The helpless pain in mine distracts you. I linger on, one bullet in the gun you minus well have gotten it over with. What we had were just memories of yesterday. Blowing away my heart and we will never part were just as good as that day. When I laid eyes on you I never knew what we had in store. You tend to surprise me even til our last day. We are both so young kids we still have our full life to live. Our laughs lightened my heart and yours. And my dreaded tears fall down and harden mine. You may never know how hard it hit when I seen her. I fell down and stumbled for words. Never wanting to love again because I have no heart to help love another and I wouldn’t want to give this broken life to another. Thinking with my heart and not my head is what got me in this state of play. We once were now were lost… Never to be again, I can say thank you for being the greatest teacher I’ve ever had.

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