Worth it in the End

July 18, 2011
Whoever said life is easy is, well, nonexistent. Because no one in their right mind would say that.
Because life is hard. Actually it supersedes any synonym for difficult. Until it’s just downright unbearable.
The thing is, we have to bear it, pretend to love it while we’re really dying on the inside.
But that’s just what they want us to do, right? Try. Use optimism to conquer the impossible, then sing out a new day. Yeah right.
Well I”m done with trying. Done with searching. Done with being something I’m not. I just need answers. Answers I know I’ll never find.

We’ve all been through the rudder.
Ruined a friendship
Ruined a life--probably our own
Cried until dawn, hoping that tears will wash away pain. Then realizing all they do is make your pillow wet.
We’ve all wasted hours thinking about the wrong someone.
Wasted years cleaning up messes
And wasted lives dirtying the path we can never seem to keep clean.

Yet, we continue on.
Agony is inevitable.
and Bliss is a gift.
Which makes you wonder:
is it even worth it?
worth it in the end?

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