Lighted Shadow

July 13, 2011
Many remember the horrible, the traumatizing and the things that seem to make you weak. The moments that make you crumble and fall to your knees. The nightmares haunt you each night, you cry for it to end and you cry because you’re too broken to fight. As the days become drearier and your life seems to fade. As your soul becomes frozen and your heart a brick wall, and the things people say to you make you feel meaningless, nothing at all. You are stuck in a never ending battle and you swear you are near defeat. You have held pain inside you for so long it sickens your entire body, and eats away at you from the inside out. I am alone are the words that rumble through your brain. I am alone is all you can hear from the screaming sounds of you becoming almost insane. When you are at your end and you’ve fallen to the ground, and you think no one is there to turn you around, one person sees you in the shadows. The person has now grabbed your hand that was in the pitch dark, it sees you. It sees you for you, the thing that you had lost so long ago. It understands where you are and its forces you to start to believe you are worthy. You are worthy of life. You are loved. When people saw you for an emotional wreck this person saw beauty. Saw greatness and encouraged you, reassured you that you will never be alone again. No more will you be in the darkness, for this person has turned on the light. And each day this person, this hero looks at you with a smile. She smiles at you because she can see how strong you are, and that the direction you are going will take you long distances from where you were. She lifted you up and made you realize that everyone is beautiful. Every morning you can look in the mirror and be satisfied you have found yourself. The power of togetherness and the power to spread kindness make it possible for everyone to know for a fact that they are not alone. People know that other people are around to help, to save and just to care. For love is the strongest force it can move mountains and find lost souls, and without it what would there be?

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