What A Dad!

July 6, 2011
When your little is it possible to remember every detail?
Can you ever just wish them away?
I can still feel his breathe upon my tiny shoulder. Telling me everything is okay and nothing will hurt me. Back then I would've believed anything coming from him.
He always said,"The first guy you love is always your father, because he's he the one you can trust".
I have nothing left of him now but a worthless memory and a broken heart.
As I look into my future life... I can't see him walking me down the ail, or being there when my babies are born.
It's been fourteen years sense we left him, and still the only thing I can say about him is he's my biological father nothing more than a piece of crap man whose pathological liar and wants to take me down with him.
People may say that your father is the first man you ever love but can you ever just be done?.
I am finished with him coming when it's convenient for him and a shock for me. I'm scared to death of man who told lies and broke my five year old heart. What a dad!

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