How Volunteering Has Changed Me

July 4, 2011
By Anonymous

Volunteering has changed my life immensely! Step by step you make a difference to those around you and yourself. At such a young age I've accomplished a variety of volunteering. When you reflect back on the things you've done you feel like a better person. Volunteering has been a blessing in my life. I've volunteered at my local church where I sang to those who didn't have a place to go on Christmas Day.This wasn't volunteering, but I raised money for my local animal shelter. Every animal deserves love. Volunteering makes me feel like a part of society. The most humbling experience was when I sang at my local church and a man looked me in the eyes and told me, "That was the best Christmas present anyone could give me." That brought many tears to my eyes because I had changed some-body's life. Volunteering has and always will make an impact on my life.

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