Diamonds on Trees

June 10, 2011
By NEEcoStudent BRONZE, Stoneham, Maine
NEEcoStudent BRONZE, Stoneham, Maine
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Single droplets of water cling to every surface they can find. They hold on tightly until they can no longer. To the ground they splatter to land on the damp moss and rock. The whole tree would shine as if covered in diamonds if only the sun could find its way through the heavy fog that blankets all the surrounding land. The thick fog makes everything gray, but only accentuates the fresh greens of the newly opened leaves of spring. Little song birds can be heard off in the distance, calling out in their gladness of spring but also disheartened by the dreary weather that has hung over this town for much too long. So long that one begins to wonder if the sun will be recognizable once it shows it bright face again. It makes one try and remember the suns beauty, its warmth, and each water droplet that it transforms into a little diamond, covering the trees in their shining glory. Only a small portion of the suns beauty can be remembered, the rest must be experienced.

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