The Beach

June 9, 2011
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Walking on to the hard bumpy concrete in pain I decide to put on my flip-flops. I then come up to a black fence with a gate in it; I walk through onto the hot sand pouring around my feet burning them. I hear children’s laughter and lots of talking; seagulls are flying all around me squawking for food. The grey green ocean waves crash into the sand with a loud boom. I could smell the salt water from the gate; it was so powerful I could taste it. As I walk closer to the beach I step on a jagged rock shooting pain up my leg. I fall on to some sand burning my leg as I was only wearing shorts. I scramble onto someone’s towel; it was soft and warm from the sun but also damn from being recently used. I smelt sunscreen on it and stood back up making sure no one saw me I moved closer to the water yet again. I put down my fluffy blanket and got ready to jump in to the water. I take off my shoes, hat, and over cover. I step off my blanket onto a field of extremely rough rocks. My feet feel as though they were going to start bleeding any second. I then reach the icy cold water, wind slaps me in the face and I almost lose my balance. I was still on the bumpy unpleasant rocks, till I reached the soft sand under the ocean. About half my body was covered by this bitter cold water. I just thought to myself it gets better the longer you’re in. I then dove into the deeper water of about three feet and searched the ocean floor. I saw darkness covering the floor and when I stood up a slimy creature just grabbed my ankle. After splashing and spewing through the salty water I find it was just seaweed.

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