when my happiness redoubled

June 29, 2011
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It was a momentous day in the history of India. 2nd April, 2011- the day when India lifted the world cup for the second time after a stint of 28 years. I had never thought that this day would become so special for me. I was watching the match with my family. There was a feeling of patriotism redoubling with every boundary we scored. It was the last ball and Dhoni culminated the tournament with a magnificent six. And lo! Celebrations for Indians. A shrill of ecstasy and zeal filled the air. We were shouting relentlessly by exerting our throats and vocals to the fullest. Although it was late in the night but nearly everyone stepped out to enjoy and celebrate the historic victory. We could hear collective shrieks of “Vande Matram” and “Chak De India” around the society. The same society which generally remained quiet was then bustling with noise. But I still felt that happiness was incomplete because we could not share it with our family friends AHUJAS . They were actually our neighbors. They had been staying aloof and had been ignoring us over a few months. We really missed their company. We had been best friends from the last 15 years and so this vacuum created in our lives was really disheartening. We used to watch movies, had dinners together. All festivals were cherished together. Life was so easy and blissful with them. We were quite renowned in our society for the strong bond we shared. But then the harsh reality of life” nothing stays for long”. With time circumstances change, people change. But that particular day , “2nd April” was really a turning point in our relationship. As we stepped out of our home to celebrate, The Ahuja family was sitting on our bench as if waiting to share their happiness with us. We greeted each other just like before. For a moment it seemed as if the old friends were back again. They apologized for being so busy and indifferent all those months. My happiness knew no bounds. Their son Pulkit and I ran across the society showing our dual happiness. Ahuja uncle called a dholwala in our society and we all shook legs on the beats wildly. Somebody then told us about the mad crowd that had gathered outside the society. We, with many other society members threw open the main gate open and were spell bounded to see people getting all sorts of crazy stuff on the road itself to express their gratitude for team India. People stood on their cars, stopping other vehicles and letting them go only if they danced with them. A motorist was flaunting his skills and risking his life by doing stunts on his bike. Then an uncle entered the scene with a big flag in his hands. We pleaded him to give it to us. He finally agreed and gave it to us. We and Ahuja family stood amidst the road and stated hoisting the flag. My mom clicked our photographs as memories of our friendship. Then we felt exhausted and tired after the overdose of pomp and show. We decided to sit together and have dinner together. Those old memories o f having dinner and laughing around flashed upon my mind and I was filled with a sense of contentment. My mom and Ahuja aunty cooked whatever they could. We had a long exciting discussion on nearly each and every cricketer. We then went out late in the midnight to slurp ice-cream. Really that day was one I would cherish throughout my life. The strong thread between us had seemed weakening to me earlier but on that day I realized that the bond will now strengthen. I feel grateful to Dhoni for this. Our friendship could be revived only because of him and his team..

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