A Bit of Summer

June 20, 2011
By WyldFyre BRONZE, Ft. Pierce, Florida
WyldFyre BRONZE, Ft. Pierce, Florida
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The sweltering summer was starting to rear it's ugly head, ferocious snarls echoed in the chorus of crickets and the anxiousness of the teens that packed the over crowded halls. The minds of every student had wandered off to too hot sand beneath their toes and the salty spray of the ocean on their faces. Teachers prattled on, knowing they weren't being listened to, and at the point where they didn't care anymore. Faculty buzzed about like a hive of angry bees, arranging ceremonies and field trips and all of the little things that went into making the end of the year spectacular. All the while the glowing ball of fire that was the sun grinned down on everything with a smile that forced people to take shelter under droopy palm fronds. Covered walkways were sacred; air conditioning equivalent to a god. Florida summers were not complacent, “feels likes” reached into the one-tens, made more impressive by the thick blanket of humidity that hung in the air, begging for the thunderstorms that rocked the night sky. Girlfriends shunned the arms of their boyfriends in favor of the comfort of melting ice in a tall cold drink.

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