I Love You...

June 20, 2011
By Anonymous

We were both friends. I’d known him for about two years now, and sometime during those years, I had fallen for him.I’d told him some time ago.

“....I’m sorry...”
“...I-its okay.”
Now, as we both sat on the bus, me in the first seat and him behind me, I looked at him. He was listening to his iPod. He sure does love music. I tapped him on the shoulder, and he looked up at me.
“What you listening to?”
I smiled at him.
“Can I listen?”
Now we were both listening to the song, with an atmosphere of friendly silence between us. I looked back at him, who was now looking at our other friends play around.

Thank you for being such a friend to me.....
I really treasured our friendship. But I knew that in a few days, we would never see each other again. We were going to go to different high schools.

Have I ever told you how much you mean to me?Oh, your everything to me.....
Every time I realized that I won’t see him again, my heart ached.But I also knew that I would have to move on.I looked out the window now, hoping he won’t notice my sad expression.

I am gazing at eternity......
The sun was setting now, and the sky was a beautiful mixture of pinks, blues, purples, and orange. I looked at him.
“The sunset is beautiful, huh?” I said.
He smiled and nodded. “Yeah, it is.”
We were getting closer to the school, and I started to feel even more sad.

Please don’t go just yet.Can you stay a moment please?
“Yea?” he asked.
“I know you know this but....”
I like you. Alot.
The words that I wanted to say so desperately but for some reason would not come out.
“...... You are a good friend.”
The bus came to a stop, and we got off. He started to walk away, just like everyone else.
“Hey! Umm....” I called out.
He turned around. “Yea?”
He smiled. The same smile that had melted my heart, but was now tearing me apart.
He started to walk away again. He was now too far away to hear the words that had before wanted to stay hidden deep in my heart but now came out as my tears slid down my cheeks.
“I love you...”

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