Math Final.

June 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Today, I took my Math final. I am in Honors Geometry. It was one of the most difficult exams I have ever given. I had such a struggle in finding the right answer that it seemed impossible. I'm normally an A-average student and try hard in class to get good grades. But this test-- I wanted to cry by the time that we had to turn in our exams. I was not finished; I had to fill in the scan-tron bubbles. I was so consumed by trying to finish all of the questions that I forgot to. I quickly filled them in, almost having a panic attack. It was terrible; and I had to leave out 15 questions blank since I had no time to finish coloring in the bubbles in the scan-tron. It was so difficult-- I thought I failed. But then I was informed that the test was curved, meaning extra points would be added just for turning in the test. This kind of relieved me, but I was still worried for my grade.
Later, in Spanish class, we had no work to do, so I went on the computer, nervously, to check my grade on our electronic school site where grades were posted.
My grade went down. From 91% to 89%. I clicked onto the Math link, scared, butterflies in my tummy. I scrolled down. I had gotten a 125/150 or a 83.33%. I was somewhat happier than i was, for i thought that I had failed.
The sad part was that my dad would be disapointed in me, he had expected me to get a 95%. But, I was glad I had a better grade than I thought.

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