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June 11, 2011
By bluebrymilk GOLD, Brunswick, Maine
bluebrymilk GOLD, Brunswick, Maine
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Math, science, art, history, these can all be found in just one subject: music. Music is an ever-changing force that, once you begin, releases you only reluctantly. Everything can be heard in music, and music, in turn, can be found in everything. If you listen to “Ave Verum,” for example, you hear not only the melodies and harmonies, but also the dynamics, the beautiful Latin words, and so much more. In every song you can hear when each note falls, and the speed at which this occurs, which is the mathematical part of music. Also found in every song is a story being told in a creative way, which is both the historical and artistic parts of music. The scientific part is harder to pinpoint, but truly, music itself is a science, one that must be pursued for years in order to be fully understood.

I have spent all of my life with music, or at least as long as I can remember. I love to listen to music, but above all I love to sing. When I sing it makes me feel like anything could happen. Singing to me is amazing because when the first notes leave my mouth I start to tell a story. Whether I am onstage singing in a musical, or singing in a concert, I am still exploring a whole new world.

In a musical you sing to continue the story in a different way, and to show a character’s emotions to the audience. However, songs in musicals aren’t the only ones that show emotion, every song does. Without emotion, music would be quite uninteresting; not nearly the powerful force music is as we know it today. Whenever I hear a song I am always interested in the songwriter, because they show a part of themselves to their listeners which is rarely shown otherwise. To write a song you must have some amount of feeling, which comes through into your music. Music is an essential piece of human life and culture, one which I plan to study and learn for my entire life, no matter where it takes me.

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