Back In Those Days

June 12, 2011
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I still remember the house in Brooklyn Park. It used to belong to my cousins. It was a place of fun, mystery, action, and adeventure.It has a huge tree and we would climb it. We would run barefeet through the grass, and by the end of the day we would go in and we'd have dinner. We would explore the small forest by their house, and pretend to be heroes. Such a simple time. There are times when I just wished I could be a kid again, to return to those days, When I could be anything and anyone I wanted to be. It's funny, because I remember wanting to grow up, and now... I just want to be a little kid again. My days as a kid are unforgettable, and I believe that my childhood makes up the best of my life. My cousins no longer live there, they live elsewhere... We are very close and we still are, but I miss them... We have a bond that no one can break, I'm that confident. Sure, we might fight sometimes, but we always make up. It doesn't require words. We just know that it's okay, that we understand eachother.

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