My Dear Sister

June 9, 2011
By A.M.Wilson DIAMOND, Midland, Texas
A.M.Wilson DIAMOND, Midland, Texas
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look eleven years into the past and never would have thought someone like Rachel would be in my life for this long. We've come a long way together. We've always been there for each other, always wiped each others tears, and always walked in life hand in hand. When I first moved next door to her, I never knew we'd be this close. Now we hardly do anything without each other. Rachel is the first person I talk to when my hearts in the shadows. She keeps my eyes open even when suger coated lies taste great. She is the only one I completly trust,shes my spine, she is more family then my own mother. and The simple things are so much fun with her. Even just walking in the streets or sitting in the back of a pick up is fun. Summer days winter days, whichever they are, I know i'll be spending them with my best friend. But i didn't start writing about this because I wanted to reflect on the good times. I wrote this to reflect on the future darkness that lay ahead. The future where she will possiably forget me permanently. Altimers runs in her family, and it skips a generation. It just so happens that those forgettful genes are in her blood. I wonder from time to time just how hard it will be to watch her, with her confused blue eyes, glance around and not knowing any faces or memories of her loved ones. I become afraid at how I will handle it when I try to talk to her and she ask me what my name is. I live in pure dread that everything in my best friend will be dead except for her body. I know that when her mind begins earasing my heart will to, I don't want to watch her forget everyone she loves, I want her to remember the good times we had together, I want us to grow old and die together with both of us remembering how far in life we got. But the only thing I can hope for completely is that, if she does forget me completely, there's only one thing I'd want her to remember, and that that I love her like a dear sister.

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