nina's piece

June 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Great Northern mall, Friday night. Somewhere in the proximity of November. Mass amounts of teenagers with nothing to do in the quaint little town of Cicero, New York. Mall cops and an electronic infant all mix together to create one night of extreme mayhem and what kids today would call a truly “good time.”

Arriving at the mall entrance approximately 6p.m., Bree, Brittany, Nina, Sydney, and soon to be named, Baby Bengie enter. 6:30p.m. David Krohl, profile: short “wanna-be skater”, male species, standing at the approximate height of 5ft. 2in., with the slight resemblance of the prehistoric creature the Teranasouras Rex his possey strolls through the doors.
7:15p.m. The fun begins. David and his sidekicks, Aaron and Kyle, steal the baby and pretend to be the biologic fathers of the plastic infant. One of the Arby’s workers pleads to hold the small bundle of batteries. Through the aisles, the mall cops creep undetected until it is too late, proceeding toward the group of “innocent” children. Strike one, charged with loitering in a public area. The rowdy group of youngins migrates to a low wall due west of the disposal cans. Strike two, again, charged with the felony of loitering in a public area.
8:00p.m. Dominick Lioto and Juan (last name unknown at the time) are busted for creating mastiff inside the mall. BiBi receives a cry for justice from her fellow classmates, and/or drug dealers.
Once again the group of teens migrates the security desk, location center of the consumption district, or food court. Within the desk is Dominic, Juan and one “wanna-be” mall cop. The mall cop turns and the teenagers all dive for the safety of the floor behind the wall just in time, with the exception of David. Strike three, one more and the group of teens is sent out into the harsh climate of Central New York, or to be driven home in a police car, which every sane teenager well knows they would much rather face a deathly chest infection, rather than face the wrath of a concerned unmerciful parent.
8:30p.m. The last straw has been broken. David and Kyle steal Baby Bengie and make a mad dash for the men’s restroom. Spectators passing through file complaints of the rambunctious bunch of teens. Suddenly, everyone grows quite, the lights almost seem to dim instantly, one grave footstep after another until the mall cop has cornered the group of teens, nowhere to hide, and they’re surrounded. He lectured the cluster of teens with his tough voice, which in fact was convincing no one, “Whoever is the owner of this child must exit the mall immediately.”
The group of teens went back and forth bickering about the unfair assumption of mastiff portraying within the mall on the fine evening. “But if it was a real baby the kidnappers would get in trouble not the victims,” pleaded Brittany, the mother of the electric infant. Within a matter of what seemed to be minutes, everyone was voicing his or her options.
9:00 p.m., a verdict is reached, the group of teens is allowed to stay in the mall, if they divided into groups of four as if they were some kind of juvenile children misbehaving on a field trip in elementary school. Unimpressed, they accepted their punishment and continued their night in laughs and giggles which no one, nor mall cop, could bring down.

The author's comments:
this is not my work, it is my friend nina's

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