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June 6, 2011
By Lizzy12 GOLD, Palmyra, New York
Lizzy12 GOLD, Palmyra, New York
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I walk across the bridge, stop halfway and lay my hands on the wooden ledge. I feel the rough splinters of wood on my palms and gaze at the water contemplating everything. The water has no fish but small bugs bounce on the surface making ripples. I lay my arms on the wooden ledge letting my head rest on my hands I listen. Silence. I listen closer and the sounds of the woods come forth. Birds chirp, the water flows in a hypnotic motion, bugs sing their songs around me and I listen. I listen to nature, what I’ve been missing. A bug lands on my arm, its antennas rubbing together buzzing softly to its friends who I do not see, I flick it off and walk on.
The crunch of leaves under my feet draws my attention to the blanket of leaves on the ground. Sodden and trampled layer upon layer. Fresh red and orange leaves coat the top in contrast to the brown leaves dirtied, matted and ugly from time and rain. I gaze up at the trees surrounding me. Giants with reaching arms are all around me, encircling me. I continue on the path while gazing into the deep wood. Pealing bark, crunchy leaves, thorny bushes and dashing animals but most of all silence from the outside. Leaves dance in the wind that blows my hair across my face. The cool breeze is welcoming and the sound of the rustling leaves makes me wonder why it took me so long to return. My steps start to slow as I approach my favorite part of the wood. The trial winds around a spot of grass with trees scattered through it-circling all around it. I sit on the bench and look through trees to the other side where the path is. I sit on the beach across from the patch of grass and think. I think about life choices and their impact on me. Choices I have begun to make, and will need to make in the following months. The peaceful sound of nature calms my mind as I try to answer questions I have been contemplating for weeks. Questions which answers will have a major impact on my future life and the many choices I have before me. Trying to choose the one that will help my future the most.

Away from distractions I make decisions that will have an ongoing impact on my future. My mind starts to wander and I circle around the trees and keep following the winding path- a path I believe is much like my life. I walk slowly through the woods, hearing the sounds of crunching leaves and hum of nearby creatures. Away from the influences of family, friends and society my questions were much easier to answer. Walking through the woods I made two of the most influential choices of my life. I return often to my pondering spot- deep in the green of the forest-knowing there I can make choices based on me, not on others wants or needs.
The path through the woods starts to narrow as it guides me back to the parking lot where I first began. A parking lot I often enter so I can walk through my woods and have time to think. A car rushes by as I am welcomed back to life. I start to cross the road and walk home knowing with surety what I will tell everyone when I return.

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