My Name

June 2, 2011
By Anonymous

My name has many meanings since the meanings always change. First my name meant the one who rules. Then it meant strong hearted. Now it say it mean strength of the spear. My name changes as I change. It is perfect for me. I could never change my name. I would not see how it would work. The reason is that I am my name. My name is me.

Even though, it is an unusual name. I am and unusual person. It is strength of the spear in Irish terms. It is the one who rules in English terms. In my terms it means normal. It is a name link everyone elses. It is a word with letters like others. The only difference is, is that my name belongs to me. It is nobody elses but mine. That is why my family is not surprised about the meaning. It also doesn’t affect me. So when you ask, “What’s my name?” I say my name with Pride and compassion. This is probably the reason that it is strong hearted. This is the reason why it mean spear strong. That is why it is the one who rules. The reason is that I am me.

If I had to choose my own definition for my name, it would mean shy at first, until I trust you. Or, one who takes a while to trust another, but when I do, you have a friend for a long time. The way my name sounds, is very soft for the first syllable and strong for the second. Just like strong like a spear, at the end. I am not sure why or where my mom chose my name, but I am glad she chose this one. My brother likes my name, due to he can rhyme with it. I cannot rhyme his name with anything, but he likes to call me Carrot, ferret, and parrot. Sometimes that makes me smile. Other times it just annoys me.

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