The Little Things

June 2, 2011
It's the little things.

It's seeing a girl's dog run up to the very end of the driveway and wait, tail wagging, as she gets off the school bus.

It's glancing over and catching a young couple kissing on the escalator at the airport, the girl one stair above the boy.

It's getting along with your sister.

It's walking home when the day is so cloudless that you can see the sky go from light blue at the horizon to deep blue at the very center and then back to light blue.

It's lying on the couch under a blanket, reading your favorite book and listening to the rain tap on the roof like a friend knocking on your door.

It's laughing so hard that you're doubled over and gasping for each breath like it's your last.

It's falling in love with an actor after you see him in a movie and daydreaming that one day you'll meet.

It's waking up and being incredibly relieved that it was just a dream.

It's driving home from school by yourself for the first time and imagining that you look so cool, with your geek chic sunglasses on and your brand-new driver's license in the glove compartment.

It's thinking about something you shouldn't be, and smiling to yourself because you have a secret no one else knows.

It's watching the sun set over the water, so bright that the waves turn to diamonds and you can't look straight at them.

It's turning up the music when your favorite song is playing, and rocking out even though you know you look ridiculous.

It's daydreaming in class and regretting it later.

It's remembering something from years ago that makes you laugh out loud.

It's savoring the moment because you know it won't last, but wishing with all your heart that it would.

It's the little things that make up life.

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