June 2, 2011
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I started the climb down a steep hill made of loose stone sand weeds. My dad my sister and my brother had already made it to the bridge’s support columns and were climbing down the weedy bank of the stream.” I used to come down here a lot” my dad said “I used to come down here walk the creek for about two hours and come up behind the house. He continued talking about the stream and it’s wildlife until we had all made it of to a small island in the middle of the stream. I asked him what fish lived in the stream. He replied “Catfish bluegill sunfish and gar”. We played around in the creek a little and soon it became time to leave. I and my brother Josh elected to continue down the stream and come up behind the house. He agreed and took my sister up the bank and back through the road. I and josh walked down the stream in silence. Finally he asked what a gar was. I explained that a gar was an ancient fish that grew to three feet long in this stream I went further to explain It could breath air and it had a long mouth full of razor sharp teeth. We continued along until we came to a small group of baby fish. Josh spent some time trying to catch these fish but didn’t lay a finger on one. After that we kept on the lookout for fish but we saw only small ones. At one point Josh decided to climb a tree and take a look around. “Do you see the house” I yelled up. “No” he yelled back. We got back in the water and I told him we haven’t gone far enough my dad said he would be yelling for us at the bank close to the house. He agreed but I could sense the suspicion growing in his voice. Not too long after we found a deep area. Josh went across the land and I went by water. I told him to get in the water. “I can’t swim” his sharp reply came. I thought to myself how much trouble this could get us in. We passed the deep spot and josh got back in the water. We went on like this until I heard a noise. I told josh to stop his complaining and that getting wet wouldn’t kill him but he kept on talking. Finally I got him to be quite and heard fast moving water. Josh thought we had gone too far and reached a water fall. But I told him my dad had said to cross fast moving seep water. We agreed that he should go up another tree and look around. He tried to get up but he soon found himself in a tangle of tree roots and branches. As he fought to escape he cut his hand. Soon he was free but instead of following me onwards he turned around and went back. Soon I noticed this and called for him. He said that we were lost and needed to go back. I replied by telling him that you couldn’t get lost in a stream that went two directions. He responded by flatly turning around and walking away. I followed him. After wading through the water he got on to the bank and climbed upwards onto a ledge. He continued to walk back the way e had come. He got himself stuck up on that ledge and soon he was calling for help. We sat there arguing with each other for about half an hour. But eventually he got himself down. We continued walking until we got to the deep spot again this time I took land too. A mistake I would later regret. As I was weaving my way across delicate roots slipped and fell landing with one leg caught in a strong root and the other dangling above the so close ground bellow. I had all my weight on the one leg and I was sure I would break it if I did not escape soon. I tried for about ten minute to free myself but couldn’t eventually I saw my escape route. I saw a tree branch dangling just out of reach and I knew what I had to do to get to it. I straightened my leg against the steep slope and howled in pain. I still couldn’t reach the branch so I dug a small step in the dirt using it I boosted myself out of the root. Josh and I continued until we got back to the bridge where I saw my family waiting. We were relieved to see them and to go home and take a bath.

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