May 31, 2011
By Anonymous

I have so many memories from when I was little, like the time I went to Colorado with my grandparents, and the time I broke my arm. Well, those are just two memories at least from when I was little. I could probably name at least 50 of them.

When I went to Colorado with my grandparents, we stayed in my Uncles Cabin. We went horse back ridding in the mountains; I had the time of my life! I also remember going hiking in the woods. I had my little walking sticks, and I was leading the group. I was happy at that time because my sister wasn’t born yet. Now, I kind of wish I was the only child, but I guess I have to admit I sort of enjoy having her around sometimes, it depends though.

When I broke my arm, I was 3 years old and I was in serious pain. Here’s what happened, I was at my nanny’s house running around in her yard playing tag and having fun with her grandson Zach. Zach was in Middle School at that point so he’s way older than me. Back to what I was saying, I was playing tag with Zach when all of a sudden he put his foot out on accident and he tripped me. It was truly on accident though, so I didn’t get mad at him. I fell on the ground and I was crying really hard, it was not fun at all. Zach had to carry me over to the chair to set me down and go get my nanny. She rushed outside to get me with the phone and a first aid kit in her hand. She saw me holding my arm up and she said, “That can’t be good.” She quickly picked up the phone and called my mom and dad. My mom was at work in a meeting so she couldn’t come and get me. She worked in Milwaukee and I was in Cedarburg so it would take her forever. My dad was working on building someone’s house, but he came and got me because my mom couldn’t. He had his big work truck with him, which I loved because when we were at our house, I would always go into the back of his big truck and pretend I was a builder. I honestly thought it was pretty fun being in the back of the truck with my dads hammer and tape measure and other tools like that. I had so much fun! My dad came and got me and took me to the doctor’s office. The doctors took some X-rays and then told us we needed to go to the Hospital, so we did. My mom eventually met us at the Hospital. We were sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours! I was in a lot of pain. Finally, we went into a room and took more X-rays. I had to lie down on a table with this heavy metal sheet lying right on top of me. They took like 5 pictures all from different angles.

When they were done taking pictures, I went back into the room and waited until they came back with the results. I got to watch all these TV shows on the TV while I was waiting! It kept me occupied.

When the doctors got back, they told us that I had a broken arm. Now, it wasn’t the best news you could hear, but at least it wasn’t anything really, really serious, but it was bad enough already. The doctors gave me three different slings for my arm. One was for at night and the other two were for during the day.

An hour later, my mom finally arrived to the hospital. She was all dressed up in her work outfit. She was talking to my dad outside of the room for a while and then they came back inside. They told me that they were going to have to call my grandparents to come and watch me because they both had to work and they couldn’t stay at home with me. I was kind of excited because I really like my grandparents and they are really fun to be around and I always have lots of fun with them.

We finally left the hospital after about 2 hours of sitting in the room. I was so tired. They put me on this medicine so it will take away the pain but also made me tired. That explains why, I was pretty much falling asleep while I was walking outside to the car.
I will always remember these things that happened in my life. They are memories that just can’t be forgotten!

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