My Life in Sandy, UT

May 30, 2011
By kreacher BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
kreacher BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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2:49; Just one more minute and school is out. It’s been a long day going to my English, choir, math, seminary, science, geography, and Spanish classes. I look outside, and I see the rain pattering against the window. The sight is beautiful as the individual drops hit the grass. I sit anticipating for the bell to ring so I can go home. Finally the bell rings, and I rush out of my middle school, Albion, relieved that the day is over.  I wait outside for my friend, Jayde, whom I walk home from school with.  When we meet up, we run to the fence in the back of the school, once we get there,  we toss our backpacks over it then proceed to hop it. Unfortunately, Jayde gets caught on the fence (like usual) and her pants rip. Once I get her off we resume running home. We quickly walk through the desert tumbleweeds as the rain hits our faces and hop through the hole in the fence.  Once through the fence we jump over the creek and walk down the steep steps which leads to my neighbor’s yard. We have to go through another yard, and hike down a dirt hill before we reach our houses. Once I get home I am rushed into the rest of the day’s activities.

The first activity I must participate in is piano lessons. I do not enjoy going to piano lessons, but I love being able to read music and play. I can’t wait until I’m good enough to quit and good enough to play any song I desire to. My little brother and I are driven up to my piano teachers house, have our half hour lesson, and then proceed to go back home.  When I get home I grab some food and sit on the couch.  I like sitting on the couch because it is relaxing, and can I can look at the pouring rain and beautiful, multi-colored mountains. After a short rest I get up because I know that my ride to soccer will be at my house in a few minutes.  I quickly put on my soccer jersey, and stuff my cleats, shin guards, socks, sleeves, water bottle, and ball into my soccer bag. When I hear the car honk I go outside because it’s my ride, here to pick me up. The two people I carpool with are Breanna and Tamaryn; they are both on my soccer team. As we are listening to music we realize we are running a little late, so we must speed the rest of the way to Bear Park, in order to make it to soccer on time. At soccer we usually scrimmage and condition. I hate conditioning because running is one of my worst favorite things on this Earth, but in order to stay in shape I have to run. Right now, since it is Spring, I play with my Club soccer team, Sparta United, but in the Fall I play with my high school team, Brighton High. Last year, while playing for Brighton we won State, which was really exciting, and I have and awesome ring that I wear for taking state. My club team has won State Cup four times, and because of it we have been able to play in the Far West Regional Tournament which has been located in Hawaii, California, New Mexico, and this year it is in Idaho. My favorite place that I have been able to play at was definitely Hawaii because we got to stay in a very nice hotel on the beach. The hotel we stayed at was called the JW Marriott which was part of the Ko’holina Hotels. Each hotel that was part of the Ko’holina Hotels had its own lagoon, swimming pool, beach, and a shared golf course. The JW Marriott was definitely the best hotel i have stayed at. I hope that we win State Cup again this year.

It’s 7:30 PM, and soccer is finally over.  On my way home from soccer I stop and buy a Cup O Snow because it recently opened for the summer. Every time I go to Cup O Snow I get the same flavor, pink lemonade and red raspberry; a delicious flavor. After I get my Cup O Snow I go home and eat dinner with my family. My mom will almost always prepare a home cooked meal for dinner every day of the week, and I love her homemade dinners. My sister, Jess, will usually make dessert for us, too. Once we’re done with dinner we all eat dessert. When I finish dinner and dessert I usually do my homework, if I have any. If I have homework it’s usually in my math, science, or English classes. When I have math homework it’s always a worksheet, when I have science homework it’s always out of the book, and when I have English homework it’s usually writing an essay or book report. The easiest homework out of those would be math because it’s just a worksheet.  Once my homework is finished I shower and get ready for bed, then I’ll usually sit on the couch for awhile before I go to bed. Once I’m ready to go to bed I’ll go upstairs and lie in my bed. After I’ve said my prayers, I fall asleep to the calm rushing of the creek.

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