My Most Important Day

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The day of my godfather’s wedding, I had the most embarrassing moment of my life. My godfather, Andrew, is one of the most outgoing, caring, and funny person I know. I have known him all of my life and over the years we have shaped a strong relationship. I would never want to embarrass him. On one of his most important days, there was an incident where I forgot something very important and lets just say it didn’t turn out well. I have to say, this is one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

First off, I’d like to give you a brief background of my godfather. He was been single for fifteen years up until he got married. He always had a good personality and would be the life of the party from what I’ve heard, but he could never find the right girl. He has gone out with many girls but it later turned out that whether they weren’t good enough for him or he wasn’t good enough for them. I always thought this was strange for a man that could talk to anyone walking down the street but couldn’t get a girl in the long run. My mother tried setting my godfather up with one of her clients from work and she set them up on a couple of dates and things progressed, but later on, the cops had to be involved. Things didn’t end well. Since then, my godfather hasn’t taken advice from my mother. One day things changed, and he found a woman that he thought was irresistible and she felt the same way about him. Her name is Evelyn and since they met, their relationship has been cultivating into a long lasting bond that I truly believe, will last. They have gone out for a couple of years before sealing the deal. To him, his wedding must have been one of the most important moments of his life. When he chose me to be the ring bearer, I was grateful and thrilled to have him pick me for the job. I was ecstatic to finally see him get married.

When the day arrived I was more anxious to start the day than my godfather. I was six years old at the time and I knew that today was going to be a good day. I started the day by having breakfast with my family and watching some TV together afterwards. As the day went by things were calm and we were just getting mentally ready for the day. It’s around 2 o’clock and I decided to start getting ready by taking a long, relaxing shower, then walked into my room and got dressed in a black suit with a white collared shirt and red tie. I am not going to lie, I looked like a stud with my brand new suit. My mother insisted on me doing something with my hair to add a little something to my new look. I didn’t mind. It took a little longer than anticipated for my family to get ready, so we ended up being ten to fifteen minutes late, in which my godfather was not happy about. When we got to the chapel, I immediately had to leave my family and go have some words of wisdom with my godfather, in other words he told me not to screw up and if I did, I should just play it off like nothing happened. Good words of wisdom right? He basically explained how there was a good amount of pressure on me to do my job correctly. One thing I’ll never forget is how he said that it was one of the most important days of his life. I was nervous. As the ceremony began, I kept getting more nervous. The priest talked for about an hour before it was my turn to walk. When the doors opened, I felt like there were thousands of eyes all staring, and watching me like hawk. If I had coughed, they would notice. If I had tripped, they would notice. If I were to pee in my pants because of how nervous I was, they would definitely notice. It was possible that one of those things could happen. I took one step at a time. It felt like I was walking for miles. I could feel my heartbeat just pounding away. Again and again and again. I thought my heart was going to explode. As I kept walking, I tried to think about happy things like how astonishing it would be if I didn’t screw up. I had three footsteps to go. Two to go. One to go. Finally, I was there. In front of all of my family and friends. With a pillow that held…….one ring. I forgot the other ring. I left the most important part of a wedding 50 feet away from me. It was on the coffee table in my godfather’s room. After that, I heard whispers all around me. I messed up. The priest broke the tension by making a joke out of it. I was petrified of what my godfather would say. He told me “Don’t worry about it”. Is he out of his mind? I had the most embarrassing moment of my life and he didn’t even care.

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