Some Memories and a Lesson

May 29, 2011
By Kelpi2628 BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
Kelpi2628 BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
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When you’re little your parents are always telling you: “just be yourself, you’ll make friends.” But really when you think about it, most of the time you really aren’t being yourself, especially in high school. You always feel you have to impress someone and that you have to be this specific type of person, just for people to like you. In the end though, you’re all alone. Sometimes just being who you are, acting how you want, and just giving people a chance you can make better friends, true friends, who in the end will always be there.

April 4, 2011
Mobile, Alabama; what can I say? It’s nothing like I thought an international cruise terminal would be, its pretty bare. There are a lot of pretty tall buildings and all, but I don’t think I’ve seen somewhere to eat in hours. I just really hope this spring break is more fun than this city.

An 855-foot long ship, five days, and couple thousand people. So far it doesn’t sound like everyone’s dream vacation but then you hear: “Welcome to the Carnival Elation Cruise Ship” and your excitement builds. Just think about it, sun, sand, Mexico, and the opportunity to be who you want to be. I mean hey, I’m never going to see these people again, who cares what they think.

When you go out of the United States, texting costs so much more than it usually does, so going to Mexico we weren’t allowed to text. When I first found out about this rule, I thought I was going to die. A whole week without talking to my friends, that’s torture. I feel like though, if I‘d had my cell phone, we wouldn’t have become such good friends. I would’ve been busier telling my friends about everything than spending time with you. Making memories that will now last me a lifetime, memories that just seeing pictures could never make up for.

Some people have love at first sight, but this was friendship at first sight. All the crazy times we had together, just being ourselves, made us click. At first I was a little scared of everyone I have to admit. Everyone was so outgoing, like I usually am. But for some reason I had my guard up. But as soon as I met you all in Club O2, away my guard went.

Club O2; what can I say? From the dancing every night until we practically dropped, the bi-girl that hit on me, the 20 year olds that weren’t even supposed to be there, John Kenny, the most amazing director ever, and those nasty drinks we drank, we bonded. We learned what the other thought was fun, how to let loose, and how to do things without our parents at our side. We had freedom, freedom to do what we wanted and to be responsible. I’m pretty sure we can all say that Club O2 was the catalyst to our friendship, the friendship I now have with all of you.

Angie, I love you first off. You’re an awesome friend. I can’t imagine my life without you now. You taught me how to trust again, and that I’m not just stuck with having a majority of just okay sort of friends. You taught me to be crazy, let loose, and how to dance. When I think back to that first night, when I met you, I remember telling you about that crazy girl that hit on me, and how I was so scared. The minute after that moment we were best friends, it broke the ice a little I guess. That night we met was so fun, running on the deck of the ship, what a crazy story I could tell from that…
The wind blowing my hair in every direction, gripping your arm because: “it’s too dangerous for people to be on the deck.”
“Angela I can’t do this, it’s to scary. What if we fall overboard or something?!” I frantically screamed.
Everyone reassured me though just like best friends. That is until Connor had all his weight on the rail, almost being blown over the side of the boat. We all thought he was going to die, thank God he didn’t. Really, it was a total Titanic moment. You know when Rose is standing on the edge of the ship, with the wind blowing through her hair, the waves crashing against the side of the ship, as she’s ready to jump. Which when your on a ship is not exactly the kind of moment you want to have.

Connor, Oh Conner, where are you?”
Connor, you’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had, and I’m not just saying that because I’m going to send you this. I walked into dinner, and I realized we’re sharing a table. I have to say I was nervous. You looked about my age so I figured you go to the teen club, Club O2 also. I was scared you’d think I was weird, that you wouldn’t want to be my friend. You were the first person I’d met so far. I just wanted to have friends. But the memories we now have, I’m so happy we sat together. Leaving Cozumel on the third night was amazing though. I’m pretty sure people thought we were related or something we were such good friends…
Standing on the deck as the Carnival Elation, began to leave dock. There was another ship right across from us. People were standing on their deck, watching us leave. And what do you know, Connor, you start screaming at them.
“Can I have yo’ numba? Can I have it? Can I have it?”
The old me would have been totally embarrassed, but I’m glad I wasn’t. Before you knew it I was screaming too. Suddenly we started screaming at each other, me, then you, then back again, jokingly of course.
“Boy, I will cut you!”
“Girl, I will throw you overboard!”

Savannah, what can I say Club O2 would’ve never been the same without you. You were always so funny, so crazy, such a good friend, and I love you for that. I miss you, and your lizard “tattoo” bow. Our obsession with the guys was exactly the same. When I think about my last day on the cruise you’re the first person I think of. The minute I found out we were going to be on the boat longer than we were supposed to due to fog, I went straight to your room. I was not about to spend my last day without you.

Oh Michael, what do I say? The minute I saw you I thought you were so cute. Sadly though, you’re Angie’s brother. I loved dancing with you every night at Club O2. I really wish we‘d spent more time together though. You’re a great friend. And don’t worry, the only reason those girls flirted with you so much and practically cheated on their boyfriends, is like I said that night: “cause you’re hot.”

William, I love you. You’re an awesome friend. We had so many memories together that if I wrote something about each one, it would take me the rest of my life. You know you have an awesome friend when he rubs lotion on your blistering, sun burnt shoulders, for really no reason. Club O2, yeah, that would’ve never been the same without you. The ice cream you got for me, what can I say other than this: who the heck puts chocolate on top of vanilla?

As I wrote this, it was really hard for me to admit the fact that, we may never see each other again. That’s so hard to think about. I’m just so happy I realized that I didn’t have to be someone I’m not to be your friend, you all taught me that. I realized that, in the end if you’re not being true to other people, you’re not being true to yourself. You’re parents can tell you that over and over and over again. But it doesn’t set in until you experience it. I feel like to many people go though their life not experiencing this “revelation”. I’m just glad this cruise helped me experience it. The trip, the cruise, for me was just supposed to be another spring break. But in the end it became: some memories and a lesson.

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