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May 28, 2011
By Stomire_daun BRONZE, Coldspring, Texas
Stomire_daun BRONZE, Coldspring, Texas
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"I am the author of my life, I choose to make it mysterious, fun, anything I want...however; I'm writing in pen and can't erase the mistakes.

In this world, everyone expects you to be in a "click" or a different "group" and hang out with only those people.
But I, myself, I like to outside the box and make myself shine in one group, I'd rather be dull and unnoticed with a ton of friends than have a reputation with one group of bad friends.
I enjoy helping others, and if being in their group means I can help them then I'm going to be me, I'm going to help them in any way I can.
Everyone says I have too much going on that I never have time to hang out with friends. However, I hang out with friends all the time, when I play softball I hang out with them, when I am in class I hang out with them, when I'm in lunch I hang out with them. I'm sorry that I'm me, and like to hang out with more then one person.
My school varies widely in groups, there's all types of people bad, good, drug heads, sex addicts, nerds, band people, athletes, everyone and I'm friends with at least one person from each group. I hate the idea of having a label, I'm a human being, not a box of cereal.
My family tends to tell me that they can't help me with pretty much anything I do because the things I am doing in school and sports they never did. I know I should feel acomplished of all the achievments I've made over my lifetime but sometimes I just feel dumb, when I can't figure something out and get in class the next day and everyone else got help from they're family with they're homework and are done and I'm sitting there while the teachers asking, "Where's your homework." I have to answer, "I need help with it, I didn't understand any of it."
The whole class laughs but the teacher understands I've learned to tune everyone else out. I'm going to be a junior this coming up year and I plan to be involved in everything I can be and help everyone that I can. I want to be the one in the yearbook for the Junior class that is the most involved.

The author's comments:
I'm 15, will be 16 in July and I love to write, especially about life and my take on it.

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