The Blank Page

May 19, 2011
By tcody BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
tcody BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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The clock ticks and tocks tauntingly in the quiet room as the boy stares at his blank paper. He wonders if he will ever fill it up. “What is the point? I am never going to use this.” He says to himself. “Now I’m talking to myself; a true sign of insanity!” He struggles to recall in his mind what he is to do. Nothing; A blank is drawn. Extremely bored, he begins to doodle on his paper. First a bird, then a plant, a tree here and there, some grass, the sun, a lake, a few small animals around, and soon an entire forest covers the blank page! This was far from his goal of needing to ‘fill it up.’ He sighs with grief and tiredness as he wads the paper into a small ball. He then imagines he is playing basketball, running left and right past the small trash can in the corner. “4 seconds to play….down by three….he fakes left, goes right, shoots……SCORE!! The crowd goes wild!! He hits the last second shot to win the game!!” The heavy breathing subsides, and he comes back to the realization of the blank paper, pulling another sheet out of his overloaded backpack. He knows he has to finish. He’s so close! Only two days of regular school remain, and then it’s off to college in the fall. It seems as though he has come so far only to be stopped by this blank page. The clock ticks slower. The room is silent again. He begins to nod off to sleep; it’s late at night. “No! You can’t fall asleep.” A small pinch of the arm brings him to his senses, but only for a small while. He nods off again. “Must….stay….awake……” Oh well. I guess the blank paper will have to wait.

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Do you ever just, don't know what to write?

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