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May 2, 2011
April 21st 2011 was my 14th birthday. My mom had planned for Molly, Tori, Linzy and I to take a trip to New York. Before we got to the city we had to pick up my birthday cake, from where you might ask….Carlos Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. When I saw my cake it was love at first sight! Butter cream icing gently surrounded every crevice of my cake. Orange and yellow flowers were practically blooming out of the icing. The filling was chocolate ganache, one bite of that cake and you were hooked. The cake was in the car and we were off to the big city!
We all took the ferry to New York. The ride on the boat was so bumpy just like when you run your fingers across a piece of corn. I never really liked boats but to get to New York it was sure worth it! The roads in the city are like a maze you’ll never get out of. We were instantly lost! All of us ended up on Broadway Street. It’s packed with bright lights streaming from everywhere! After walking for one really long hour we stopped for lunch at Ellen’s Stardust Café. In that café the waiters/waitresses sing while you eat. They all want to be on Broadway someday and singing at the café gets them noticed. Our tummies were filled to the brim so, now it was time to SHOP! Tori had spotted her favorite store, Forever 21. The store had five floors of their clothes; I didn’t know they made that many cute clothes! All the stores in New York are like Mini Malls, it’s absolutely crazy! I was so overwhelmed by how many people there were; it was tourist filled! The sky had turned grey and a huge gust of wind picked up blowing all of our hair in our chilled faces. As soon as the wind picked up, of course Linzy had to have a hat, so we all stopped at a street vendor who obviously tried to get us to buy everything at his stand! My sister wasn’t buying it so we left. All the stores were so extravagant, I could stay their for a week and not get tired of the stores. My mom was still walking with us even though we were acting crazy! Molly, Tori, Linzy and I’s theory is “were not going to ever see these people again.”

Finally it was time to leave the city and we knew one thing for sure, we weren’t going to miss the walking. Our feet were killing us! The ride back to PA was fantastic because I was asleep. I learned a very important lesson that day, my mom does everything she can to make me happy and I should be grateful. She took the time out of her life to walk around all of New York City with four crazy girls. My mom means so much to me; I really don’t know where my happiness would be without her.

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Alice_C said...
Jun. 9, 2011 at 7:27 pm

It sounds like you have a great mom! I hope you had a great birthday. Always remember that your family will always be there for you, that's whats great about your family.

Alice E. Copel

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