Only the Best Day Ever

May 23, 2011
By LunchBox88 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
LunchBox88 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Finally long excitement has happened, the one day that mattered this year, the one-day that ended my childhood. It was the greatest moment of life its-self! My rosy red cheeks were blushed with excitement. I see this red tunnel and I’m walking through, smelling blue musk cologne and a sweet sent of fatty fudge brownies. It was like the first time double fudge cake touched my tongue. At that stroke of midnight I heard the heavenly bells and got a rush. Not any rush, but the rush you get from an energy drink or about to drop on the raging bull. I see the end of the fiery smooth tunnel and there it is the biggest piece of pizza, the one I have waited for all day and could not stop thinking about. When I awoke from my slumber, I jumped for joy like a dog after a long day, and its master comes home, then to remember I rolled my ankle and had to grab my crouch. All the pain was numb like after taking laughing gas at the dentist.

To go all day without drinking a root beer, but finally finding that one vending machine. Then taking that brisk refreshing taste of the bubbly soda. Even better then just drinking a root beer was at hooters, a bunch a beautiful women serving my cousin and I, holy, hot, hell wings. I wanted to tell the waitress that it was a special day but I got struck by a nerve and all I thought about was a bunch of girls jumping up and down for me. My excitement got to me and I sweated off my hot wings even though John had the 911 wings. At my grandma’s house, many in short time greet me. My phone making that jingle noise every ten minutes, then the short ding to any new message, it was like I was a rock star and everyone wanted me. Once the phone shut down I could feel my heart beating faster and faster, to the thought of seeing my friends for the weekend. Knowing that my party was going to be, like the Atomic bomb.

I find myself looking up and feeling the fiery warmth upon my face. The day was sunny and full of this rush to live it up. It was like standing at the end of the high dive board and feeling that much closer to space. I never sit still to the thought of getting my tattoo; I jitter while listening to scar tissue it almost makes me want to sing to the heavens. Even though the day is coming to a end I watched Avatar and the greatest part is when his speech to fight, I get all pumped and want to join, my hair stands up high as if something is going to happen. Now it makes me wonder how it’s going to be when I get a vibrant red Charger!!! It felt like the first day a saw a lotus flower, like I’m one with the universe, driving my Charger going 80 M.P.H. shaking from the speed. Life is perfect and full of emotion that just makes me want to: jump, leap, skip, and follow the long RED tunnel.

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