My "Fair" Teacher

May 23, 2011
By MichaelZhang PLATINUM, Guildford, Other
MichaelZhang PLATINUM, Guildford, Other
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I have met many Chinese teachers. Most of them can teach students in a soft and proper way; or they have handsome writing; or they can create pretty essays; or they have a good voice for speech...However, things went wrong in my Grade 2 and 3 in junior high school--there came a "fair" teacher, who had no such advantages which I states above.
The teacher's appearance was so "fair"--because she came from a village of western China, which is the poorest area in our country, she had a face like coffee bean! As for her voice, just like a man--though as for age, she was just in her early thirties. When she first broke into our classroom--please notice, every time she went to have a class, she just broke into our classroom--every body in my class was shocked! What a fair lady!
Chinese people often say, "Never judge a person depending on the appearance". Her fair appearance was not the reason many students disliked her at all. The reason indeed was her "fair" teaching means.
One day in my grade 3, she set us a task to make up a sentence, using "Because...I would like to appreciate him/her" structure. As a young student, most of us suspected her mind whether she was in a mental trap--Was it useful to make up such a sentence? We were junior students, not primary students. But there was an idea flashed into my mind--maybe made it innovatively! And Coffee Bean always told us, "Innovation is quite important!" I'd like to try it!
That evening, after getting home, I wrote it down on my exercise book, "Because my mother gave a birth, I would like to appreciate my mother." To be honest, after writing, I found it was not innovative at all! Um...maybe the next day, she might think this sentence was boring.
However, things were abnormal the next day. Coffee Bean told me in Chinese class, "You sentence is in a logical mistake! If others gave birth to you, will you appreciate him or her?" All my classmates burst into laughter, I said, " could other people give birth to you, my teacher? Can your aunt or uncle gave birth to you?" Coffee Bean was trapped into awkward, and the laughter was larger and larger. I won this battle!
Since then, more and more my classmates believe her disease in psychology, Because of her "fair" teaching methods. Her great deal of useless and strange homework gradually became an anecdote in my school. When other class's students were asked to write a novel about an amazing man or woman, our fair teacher became the main character which was well deserved! But they did not know we were still troubled by her awful homework. In China, a teacher's homework effects a lot on the final marks of a student's score at the junior graduation examination. If a teacher, like coffee bean, always set the homework which has no connection to the examining point of the exam, all her students will be in danger at the final exam! As a result, at that time, most of my classmates were considering about a way--how could we get rid of her useless homework! Uselessness was only one factor; the more important one was the amount! Too much, nearly occupied all our time in days off!
Few months later, Labor’s Day came! We have three days off! Just as you expect if you have read the content above, Coffee bean's "Fair" homework would have employed all our spare time if we had done it. On the contrary, it seemed no one would accomplish it! I was the most typical one--My parents took my grandparents can I to Weihai, ignoring her homework!
We set off to Weihai on the afternoon of April 30, while Coffee Bean set the homework on the morning of that day. When evening coming, we arrived in Jinan, the middle way of our city to Weihai. And it was luck that we chose a superior hotel, which PC was provided in each room. I could not wait to turn on the computer to see how my classmates thought about Coffee Bean's homework--Was I wrong for not doing homework?
When I started ICQ and saw my classmates--Great! They were all dissidents to Coffee Bean! All my classmates even created a page to declare their determination of fighting against Chinese homework. I signed on the page's guestbook. And the monitor of our class excitedly wrote, "Well done!"
The mood of Coffee Bean could be infered. When all of us back to school, Coffee Bean was flooded with angry. She howled, "Are you to rebel? I am going to accuse of you to your headteacher!"
My classmates were calm. Few minutes later, the monitor stood up and told her, "I think we should refer to the headmaster, right?"
On the morning the next, our parents went to headmaster's office to complain about Coffee Bean. And when afternoon came, we got the good news--The headmaster decided to suspend Coffee Bean from her duties! All of us celebrated for it!
Nevertheless, the case has been still horrible up to now. Only one Coffee Bean was stopped. In China, there are still millions of "Fair" teachers like her continue their useless teaching in front of innocent students!

The author's comments:
I read a report about today's Chinese education report yesterday, and it was mentioned that the quality of teachers in China are still lower than the standard. However, many officials in our government are still announcing our education is good enough. So I'd like to write an article about my previous Chinese teacher, who was terrible teaching, to warned some people that Chinese education is still in need of improvement.

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