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May 22, 2011
By Eleni Solberg BRONZE, Stewartville, Minnesota
Eleni Solberg BRONZE, Stewartville, Minnesota
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Not many places can feel as isolated from civilization as my own private spot. This is the only place where I can go to feel completely alone. My only company around are the cows that graze in the lushes pasture nearby or swim in the cool pond at the bottom of my hill on a hot day. At first sight, this hill will seem like any other. The main difference is the accessibility and the atmosphere it can give to you as your hours seem to fly by while you are doing nothing. When I go to the hill at my grandparent’s farm, I have to drive the gator up the hill on a dirt road. It is the road my grandpa uses to get to his fields. The drive up to the top is short but takes you beyond the main activity areas of the farm. There are hardly ever any disturbances on top of the world.

The first thing I do when I get to my sanctuary is eliminating all use of technology. I turn off the engine of the gator and leave any electronics in the glove box. Then I grab the rug I brought with and pick a comfortable spot in the grass. As I lay down, I usually find a long piece of grass. The taste of dirt and vegetation then floods my taste buds as I nibble on the grass and try to find pictures in the clouds. By this time I am aware of the slight breeze blowing over the landscape and hear the effects of its persistence. On one side of me the corn stalks shift their weight with the pull of the wind. The tassels on the top seem to dance as the slight breeze tries to blow them over unsuccessfully. They move like feathers attached to a stiff rod. The soft whisper of the wind cleans my mind of clutter and relaxes me. It is the voice of Mother Nature comforting her child. With it, the wind brings the smell of freshly cut hay and the sweet aroma of the corn, along with the occasional whiff of cow manure to top it off.

Of course I can not stay sitting the entire time though so I spend some time exploring the layout of the land. Sometimes I just need to stretch my legs a while. When no one is with me I sing and dance to the cows. They are very good listeners and enjoy a little variety in their day. I feel like I am giving their life a little more spice. I pour my soul into my songs because of the luxurious feeling I get when I am atop that hill. I feel as free as the chirping birds that frolic around me.

Atop my hill, I can see for miles. Sheltering me on one side is a wall of corn. It is a comforting giant when I lay beneath its watch. On another side I can look down on the farm and see if there is any new commotion happening. Just past the corn I have a clear view of the driveway, which is very beneficial if we are expecting visitors. My favorite part of my view though is towards the pasture. Up close is a barbed wire fence as sharp as needles that separate me from the beef cows. I enjoy having them there, especially when it is spring when they have new calves. Since the cows are very curious, they usually come up by the fence to see what I am doing. They keep their distance though. On hot days it is fun to watch them stroll through the small natural pond. Some days I get worried when they cannot be found, only to find they have incredibly all fit in a small group of trees a little ways away. Beyond the pasture I can see field after field with only one or two houses scattered among the endless squares of color.

The day my grandpa took me up to the hill for the first time, he pointed out who lived in each house in the distance. I felt like Simba when he explained that they owned much of the land in sight. At that time, I felt like they owned the whole world. Since then, I have made many memories at that spot that I will remember for a lifetime. The tranquility of the hill is what I believe pulled me to it, but once I was there, it was the mystery of the unknown that attached me too it. Leaving for the day is never by choice. Off in the distance I am able to hear the faint ring of the dinner bell, which means if I don’t leave soon, someone’s going to come looking for me. The only reason I am able to leave so effortlessly, is the confidence that I will return again soon. As I head back towards the house, I glance back and reflect on the tranquility and power of the time I have spent alone. Being at my spot makes me feel invincible and I return with a new found confidence in myself each time. This hill is the only place I can be myself with no judgment and no regrets.

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