May 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Bullying is a serious matter in which several teens face, and, unfortunately, many times both teens and adults disregard it. Since the end of my Junior year, my volleyball team has constantly bullied me. I never did anything to deserve it, in fact, I was always the quiet one, but they picked me and the friends I chose to associate myself with to target. Not only did these girls bully me to my face, but they continued to bully me via the Internet. I would randomly get onto my Facebook to find my friends and I being called names; to make matters worse, other students got involved as well. We had no defense. At first, this constant bullying didn’t bother me, but it really started to hurt when I saw not only my volleyball team, but my classmates team up against me and my friends. I would come home crying to my mom after school or after I saw the posts they put online. She talked me through it and told me they would eventually stop. Unfortunately, it never has. With God’s guidance and my family’s support though, I have learned to overcome the words said by the group of girls, and through it, I have become a much stronger individual. When times get hard, I look foremost to God to guide and direct me, for I know He can get me through anything and everything.

The author's comments:
The bullying I've gone through has only made me stronger with the help of God right by my side.

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