Is this love?

May 16, 2011
By freespirit1708 SILVER, Lillooet, Other
freespirit1708 SILVER, Lillooet, Other
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And live like it's heaven on earth.”

Anyone can say they’re in love, they can do the right things, say the right words, but you never know if the person really cares until a situation comes along to test them. Picture this: a young girl just left a sheltered home, and has no idea of what love is. A boy some years older than her comes along who is much more experienced in this concept. He knows what to say and do. The girl FEELS that she is in love with him, because she cares what happens to him. She has a natural tendency to want to help people. So she ties that to love. He says I love you, do you love me? And she mistakes the fact that she cares about what happens to him and her physical attraction to him for love. Then a few months down the road he decides he’s tired of her because it stopped feeling good. So he quickly moves on to the next girl. The girl is left heartbroken. She wonders, was it her? Did she do something wrong? Soon she’s set up a wall, and she won’t let anyone come close enough to hurt her again.

Was that love? Is that really what love is about? Feeling good? Feelings in general? Human feelings change so often, I find it hard to trust them. You hear things all the time about someone who stopped loving their spouse - the divorce rate is so high that I don’t believe many people know what true love really means. If that’s what love is, then I don’t think I want anything to do with it. Some say that love is a decision; you don’t have to love your spouse to live with them. I think that would be the most miserable life ever, because everyone deserves to be loved by someone, whether it’s by their mother or their significant other. And everyone, no matter who they are, has the desire to be loved. (Personally I’ve decided my prince charming will forever be my dog)

True Love is loving and caring about something more then you care and love yourself.

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