In a world of whys

April 5, 2011
Why is the question most ask in life like ;Why is the sky blue?; or ;Why is the grass green?; and even others more popular questions for people my age like ;Why won't he ask me out yet?; or ;Why is she so hot?; Questions like these I hear on a regular bases. It's always the same girls and guys think their quote quote In Love then they break up and cry and go chasing for another person. It's how I think the world goes round. I liked a guy and at the time {it was yesterday} I asked myself why do I like him. I thought and thought and come up with the conclusion that I don't. But why do I have feelings for him and why do I have butterflies when we talk? I don't know but why is the question to most questions we cannot answer. Which of course is a waste of my time. So I continue to live in a world of why's and so on but I think to myself. Why won't anyone answer my questions?

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