May 3, 2011
By joker21 SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
joker21 SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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The biggest emotional change that has happened to me was my anger issues got worse. The reason they got worse is because I haven’t got any help. I could get help to help them get better but my mom said not to because it cost to much. She also said that not to because it won’t really help me. Then every time I got angry since then I would punch a hole in my wall. My mom said she would look for a therapist to help but couldn’t find any one. My mom told me to talk to my teacher to see if anyone knew a good therapist to help. I asked all my teachers and some of them told me to talk to you. They have gotten worse because I am almost always getting angry and I never do anything to help stop it I just go cool down in the bathroom. I would tell my mom and she would tell me to go to my room and I would punch a hole in the wall. I always would do that to relive my anger. My mom said she doesn’t like how it looks and made me buy a painting to cover it up. My mom said if I don’t get help quick this is going to turn into a real bad problem real fast. She also told me that next time i’m angry to find something else to calm me down.

My anger issues also got worse because before I wouldn’t get along with my dad. I wouldn’t get along with him is because he would think he is the boss of all of us and I would just get tired of it. I thought that he was a little bossy because he tried to make me eat when I didn’t want to and that’s pretty much the reason why I don’t like him. I also thought that he thought a lot of himself. I’m kinda calming down because he don’t live with us anymore. He is in jail which kinda made it worse but not really. I’m also improving because of the fact that I do soccer now and it keeps me out of trouble. This keeps me out of trouble because before when I didn’t have soccer I would go out with my friends and destroy stuff. Once in a while one of us would get caught and they would tell on the other people (I wouldn’t). So yeah that would get me pretty worked up and then I would go to the house of that kid and beat him up. Most of the time they would tell and I would get grounded. I didn’t like to get grounded so my mom said I should find something else to do so I joined soccer. It actually works sometimes when I am stressed out I would take it out on the ball. This is actually helping because I think of the ball as the person i’m mad at.

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