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“Times have changed since the civil war, haven’t they?”

I was standing in line with 30 pink balloons that all read “It’s a girl” and “baby shower” on them. Suddenly I heard, “Don’t tell my kid what to do you black, uneducated man. You work for me, I don’t work for you. People these days. God”
“What in the world…” I asked out loud. The woman behind my answered my loud question. “Well there’s a racist white lady who is arguing with the black man because he politely told her hill billy of a son or daughter or whatever it is to stop running around the place and to stop opening everything.”
Oh, I thought to myself. Seriously, he’s uneducated? The way the lady is acting was ridiculous. “Don’t touch my child or I will slap you.” The so called superior white lady yelled. My aunt, myself, the rest of the line behind us and the two cashier girls were all watching and being quite entertained by it all as well. One of the cashiers called security. He came in and tried to stop whatever commotion was going on. I wanted to make a youtube video but my aunt said to not get into it. It was much too entertaining and I did not want to leave the store until the menopausal lady stopped arguing or throwing her mini fits. It was ridiculous. She started to yell at the security as well. “You don’t know me, you black security. I don’t know why this country has so many black men and colored men and immigrants. This country is ruined because of you people.”
I watched in shock. I’ve never seen anything like this. It was like a car crash kind of, like you don’t want to watch but you can’t help yourself. Not that car crashes are entertaining but this was. The lady then got into line with the rest of us and all of us in line were laughing out loud and talking about what just happened. She kept shooting us mean glares, but I mean who’s afraid of people like that. Plus she was kind of big so if she attempted to run after us, or rather roll after us, she wouldn’t get anywhere. Her bucktoothed, frizzy haired, dirty handed child that was the cause of this little mini drama kept taking out all of the candies and throwing them everywhere. Usually, I adore children. I want like eight of them. But this kid was one of those kids you want to choke. He had beady brown eyes and you know in cartoons and stuff where the kid has flies flying around them? Well he seems like one of those kids but there were no flies flying around him. The lady was just probably having a really bad day or maybe her husband left her. Who knows? But that gives her no excuse to make others days miserable.
The cashier who was checking her out said, “Hey how was your day miss, hope everything’s alright.”
“Shutup! Did I say you can talk you rude little b****.”
“Now, now there’s no need for name calling here.” Said the security.
“Be quiet all of you. I don’t work for you, you work for me.”
“Excuse me?”
“Yeah, that’s why you uneducated people are behind the cashiers.”
“Uh, we have no education that’s it,” the cashier takes off her apron and comes out of her little area with the cash register. “Listen I have a bachelors degree, and what kind of education do you have? Did you even finish middle school?”
“That’s not the point. I wouldn’t need to have an education. I am a white female living in America. What else do I need? It’s you people that came from elsewhere into my country that actually need to try to make a living.” This lady was so ill-mannered it was unbelievable. I hate people who make drama. And this lady was an ignorant drama queen which is like a bazillion times worse. She’s like the fat Hitler of my time. I know I’m being stereotypical as well right now, but I’m pretty sure she’s probably a redneck who lives in the country and probably has a rocking chair outside of her house. Or trailer. Whatever she wants to call it. And she has like a billion little bucktoothed babies running around. It’s just the way she was acting, not the least bit of class.

The white racist lady then throws her money at the cash register and storms out. The cashier runs out after her. We all (people in line) just stand there watching and try to eaves drop as much as possible.
I thought racism and prejudice was gone. But I guess not.

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