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May 4, 2011
By TaMattster36 BRONZE, Cochranville, Pennsylvania
TaMattster36 BRONZE, Cochranville, Pennsylvania
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The day was bright and sunny although it felt dark and dreary; the day was lit up by her soul which was recently released. Not knowing what had happened I arrived at the church with my mother and sister. When I walked in my eyes absorbed black, the room was flooding with tears, and people I didn’t even know walked up to me and cried for me. I walked over to a certain room where people had gathered, I entered the crowd and saw my grandmother sleeping in a weird bed, or so I had thought at that time. I walked over to some of the only people I knew, my cousins who were my best friends; I remember one of them saying “I can’t believe she is actually gone.”

I had realized at that point that she had passed away, I had taken her for granted thinking she will never go away, she couldn’t have, she was the best person I knew and now she would never comfort me when my mother had to go somewhere. A wave of darkness came over my life when I realized the horrid truth that I had just discovered. My mother told me to get in the car because we had to go somewhere. I soon discovered that we were following the black mysterious car that was holding my grandmother. Trying to act “like a man” and not to cry, I held it in all of that dreadful day. Upon arriving at the graveyard the sky started showing my pain and began to cry, tempting the man inside me with my own feelings.

Later that day, when nobody could see my face, I put aside the man inside me and I drowned in my sorrows and in my pain. When I arrived at my safe haven, I ran to my room and admitted I was tired, although my eyes revealed the truth. The man inside me was lost for a while why I expressed my feelings that could not be hidden any longer. I was drowning and I did not let anybody pull me out of the water. My grandmother did not seem fun, and her religion was a little odd, but she was the nicest and best grandmother anybody could ever ask for. My grandmother was not just somebody to watch me when my mother had to go somewhere. She was not my guardian, she was actually my own guardian angel, and the day I remember the most was the day I had lost her.

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