Getting My Cartlidge Pierced

May 4, 2011

The day I got my cartlidge pierced was nerve racking and painful. I finally decided to get my cartlidge pierced. I told my friends and they asked me if they could come with me. Of course I said yes. My one friend Brooke wanted to get hers done too. So I said that my mom could sign for her to get it done. So we walked over to the PLC where my mom works and signed in at the office. Than, we went to my mom’s office and sat there until she was done. It was about 3:30 p.m when my mom got done work. So she drove us to my house where we ate snacks and grabbed a drink. I had to grab water and gum because I don’t do well with needles and I get dizzy sometimes. I get that from my dad. My brother passed out about 2 years ago at the mall so when I told my mom I wanted to get my cartlidge pierced she said that I could but I needed to eat before I went and bring some water and gum. So we grabbed our snacks and drinks and headed for the Exton Mall.

When we arrived at the mall my mom said “Are you nervous?” I said “Yeah, but if I chicken out just slap me and push me into the chair”. We laughed. So we walked into the mall and we ate lunch at Chik-fil-a and shopped for a little bit before we went to Piercing Pagoda. So we walked into Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale, Hollister, 579, Zumiez, Pacsun, and Claire’s. After that, we went to Piercing Pagoda. When we walked in, the lady who worked there said “Do you need help finding anything?” My mom said “Well, they want to get their Cartlidge pierced.” The lady said “Are they both your daughters?” My mom said “no, just this one” she was pointing to me. Of course she said “Only she can get it done, our contract was switched and says that only the child’s parent can to sign for them, I’m sorry.” My friend was disappointed so she called her mom to ask her if she could drive her back to get it done and she said yes. I told Brooke “If you get it pierced, I’m coming with you”.

So the lady told me to pick an earring. So I looked in the case and found a 14 carrot gold diamond pair of earrings that were $50! So I only got one earring and it was still $25. So she took them out and told me to sit in the “piercing chair”. So I sat in the chair and she took out the gun and put the earring in it. I was so nervous. I asked her “does it hurt?” and she said “not really, just afterwards it hurts a little.” In my mind I said sarcastically “Well that makes me feel better”. So I was waiting in the chair and she took out a marker and put a dot on my ear where the earring was going to be. I looked at the dot in the mirror and was debating whether or not the dot was too high. So I said it was fine and she lined the gun up to my ear and counted down from 3. I was shaking hysterically. Then I heard a “pop”. I felt a shooting pain go through my ear. I was relieved that I got it done and over with. I was so proud of myself that I didn’t chicken out. So I turned around and looked in the big mirror that was on the wall and there it was. A diamond earring in my left cartlidge.

My friends rushed over and said “Let me see it!” So I turned and they loved it. Brooke said “I wish I could get mine done”. So we paid for the earring and got a care package. The lady said “You need to clean it twice a day and don’t take it out for 2 months or it will close up”. I said “okay, can I take it out and put a clear earring in for soccer?” she said “I wouldn’t take it out at all until the 2 months is up”. I said “okay”. So we walked out of the store and I texted my friend Brianna because she couldn’t come. I told her that I got it pierced and that it hurts really bad. Brianna got hers done 2 weeks before I got mine done and I liked hers so that’s what made me decide that I wanted to get it done. So we walked around a little bit more and than we left. I got in the car and pulled the mirror down from the visor and looked at it. My mom said “I like it, it looks nice. I should’ve gotten mine done”. I told her “You should’ve, we could be matching”. She laughed and we headed home with a diamond in my ear.

By: Ashley Jones

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