Hershey Bar

May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Sometimes my mom is so annoying. Whenever I go to get something for a snack m favorite food is always gone. So I have to settle for something that is not very good. And whenever I go to confront her she always has a guilty look on her face. So one day she had saved a Hershey bar for herself. So of course when I saw it afterschool I was going to chow down. After I ate it she came home looking for her Hershey Bar. She asked where it was and I had some chocolate on my face and she screamed “DANIEL! Why in the world did you eat my Hershey bar?!” “But whenever I save something for myself like a pop tart you always eat it! So when I saw it when I got home I saw it and ate it!” “But this morning I told you specifically not to eat it! Now I have no snack for myself!” “Then maybe you shouldn’t eat my snacks when I save them for myself and I won’t eat yours? I replied smartly. The moral of the story is don’t eat my food.

The author's comments:
My teacher told me to write it.

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