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April 29, 2011
What happens when you love someone so much but cant have them?...I wish i would have known what to do...It all started with a Facebook message, then a friendly text, &amp;&amp; after some time, i Fell for him. It wasn't the smartest thing I could have done. He was everything i ever wanted. The type of guy that only appears in dreams. He was good looking, athletic, nice, dedicated, sweet, came from a good family, &amp;&amp; cared a lot about his grades. He would tell me the sweetest things! Every morning i would get a text from him asking if i had slept well &amp;&amp; how i was. This went on for a while...then came practice for one of my friends party &amp;&amp; everything changed. When practice was over i got a text from him saying he was confused about what he felt for me. Suddenly my heart fell, &amp;&amp; i felt like my whole world just came crashing down. I had never felt that way before. I cried so much &amp;&amp; sometimes i still do. I really liked him &amp;&amp; all he did was lie to me. So i have now come to a conclusion; All boys are liars, either they have lied or will lie sometime in life...and its true. So girls, don't fall for a guy so easily, wait till he shows you how much he loves you. I learned the hard way. =/

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