April 18, 2011
By hairytoes BRONZE, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
hairytoes BRONZE, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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Never get high on your own supply- Notorious BIG

It was the fourth quarter we were down 6 points with three minutes left in the game. The other team had the ball they were on the 50yard line. “Hike!” They go out for a pass I go in to the backfield and sack the quarterback. FUMBLE!!!! The guy next to me picks up the ball and starts running and the other team tackles the guy on my team.

First and 10 on the 45 yd line. We are in the huddle calling a half back option. We get to the line and the quarter back gets down, “Green 14 green 14 set hike!” I snap the ball. The quarterback hands it to the halfback there are three guys open. He passes it Carvil. He runs down the field. He’s tackled at about the 20 crowd roars!!!!! First, and 10. Hike the quarterback gets the ball runs down the field to the one yard line. “We are almost there!” coach says. We go out on the field thinking we are going to throw the ball. “Ready set.”


We go over to coach and he says do a double reverse. We get to the line of scrimmage and get down. He calls it I hike the ball. The quarterback hands the ball to Jimmy. Jimmy runs around to Carvil and it’s a touchdown. We are tied and we are going for the extra 2 points. Hike it’s a pass its up in the air and Jonah catches the ball for the game winning points.

We run to the side line all jumping coach yells im proud of you. We shake hands with the other team. Run back over to the sidelines and see coach. We pick up the Gatorade cooler and pick it up and dump it on him. He freaks out.

We came in fourth place and this is my story of personal triumph.

The author's comments:
my teacher Jody told us to write a story of personal triumph and this is the only moment

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