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April 26, 2011
By KingMothra GOLD, LaGrangeville, New York
KingMothra GOLD, LaGrangeville, New York
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"Goodbye everyone. I'll remember you all in therapy!"
"True art...Is an explosion!"
"How sad the world would be...Should laughter disappear forever."

I believe that people should act how they want to. People shouldn’t be influenced by peer pressure to do what other people want them to. Take my nana’s dance for example. We recently got the Fillet-O-Fish from McDonald’s. So whenever we play that silly song near my nana, she starts dancing. And my nana is no Michael Jackson, let me tell you. And she dances whenever she hears it. Anytime, anywhere. Even out in public. My brother and I are so embarrassed whenever she does this, we back away from her whenever she starts her Super Strange Fillet-O-Fish Nana Dance! But her dance has taught me a valuable lesson.
Just be yourself. Even if you’re out in public, and you feel the urge to do something silly or weird, go ahead and do it! People might look at you funny, but guess what? Chances are you’ll never see those people again. So go ahead and be fun and random. Some people might even take up your example. God put you on this Earth to be fun and creative, so use his gift and spread it around! And while my nana still does her Fillet-O-Fish Dance, while it’s still painful to watch, it now has a purpose. And I plan to spread that purpose and carry on nana’s Super Strange Fillet-O-Fish Nana Dance! Just not with that bad dancing.

Along the same lines, I believe in not letting peer pressure be a major part in life. People believe that if you don’t act like they do, you’re not cool and you should be treated like dirt. Well I don’t believe in that! I believe
that everyone has a special, independent nature that should be expressed and broadcasted throughout your life’s journey! Take my summer camp for example. A couple summers back, there were these two boys that forced everyone to act like rude, mean jerks. They would very painfully punish them if they didn’t. And whenever a counselor would come around, they’d act like angels and the other kids would take all of the blame.
But eventually, someone got fed up with it and told a counselor everything. The two boys found it all out, though. They were going to seriously hurt the poor kid, but the counselor caught them just in time. The two boys were kicked out permanently, and now my camp is its happy, fun self again. So just be yourself. Don’t listen to the sway of others’ pressure. Forge your own path, and be courageous! And don’t be afraid to dance to your own Fillet-O-Fish tune, too.

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