Just friends forever

April 24, 2011
By Anonymous

You knew each other since the third grade, it was never something very significant. Well, at least not until this year. Now, you see her every day with everybody else in your earsplitting, eccentric, sick-minded group of friends gathered in the commons as always. Everyone so comfortable with everybody else that you use pickup lines on one another, sing whimsically, and even bunch up into small tight groups, most people would be uncomfortable in, more than once for various reasons. They are your perfect team of buddies, although you are not exceptionally close to all them, you still consider them all like your siblings.
“I think she’s really cool and funny and a great friend and I can see how someone could like her, but I do not like her. I’m not saying that we’re really close, but I still consider all my friends brothers and sisters. Liking her, or any of my friends, would feel like incest. ”
Those were your exact words, four days before you began adoring her.
It was all so perplexing. Like with all your other friends, you and her exchanged sarcastic comments and unique stories about your daily lives. But now, all of a sudden there seemed to be something more, she started to pay more attention to you, and talked to you every chance she got.
When the topic of liking someone came up you avoided it hoping she would admit to secretly liking you first, but instead the name she spoke was not yours. She was the one to start that particular discussion in the first place, but why?
You might have gotten your answer last week when her mom, who also happens to be your advisor, said,
“I know someone who kind of likes you.”
Your response, “Okay?”
The rest of the day that one phrase, those seven words, cannot escape your mind not even for a second. You went from feeling like a little kid with a crush, to utterly disillusioned, and now simply confused. You are not even sure what emotions you are feeling. It seems like you are farther from the answer than before.

The author's comments:
This was originally just for me to see. As all of this was going on I would write what happened each day. When finished I decided to post it.

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