Fate Fails at Poker

April 19, 2011
By Anonymous

This day, I relive over and over in my dreams until it becomes a mantra. It took me a while to forget, to block it, until someone told me that you can never truly let go of something until you tell about it. So, that’s what I’m writing about.

That day was so peaceful, so calm and sunny that I don’t know how fate snuck up on me during this blissful day. Usually, when I go to school, my whole day is ruined. I don’t hate school, I just don’t enjoy it. I guess you can say I’m just a regular teenager. That fateful day, my friend told me a little something about a boy that we like to annoy and aggravate.
“Hey, I saw a knife in Randy’s book bag today.” Lisa told me.
Those words should have set off warning bells in my head. Of course, I ignored them.
“Finally, a chance to bust him.” I had said to her.
Lisa shook her head.
“It’s dangerous, don’t do it!” Christy told me.
I shook my head and walked on down the hall, intent on my plan.

When the last bell went off, me and my two friends walked out of school. Just as I was looking for Randy, I heard his sleazy voice behind me, talking to his friend Alex. I smiled and walked over to him.
“Hey, Germy” I said, calling him by an unfortunate nickname that stuck with him.
Her tensed and handed his book bag to Alex. As Alex held the book bag, he unzipped it and took out his precious knife. It was long, a kitchen knife, with a jet black handle and a 6-inch shiny metal blade. My heart beat accelerated, and I felt about ready to faint. I stepped back, and bumped into someone coming out of the school. I fell, and grazed my knee, drawing blood. I watched him smile sickly and laugh. I shuddered as my friends helped me up.
“Are you okay?” Lisa asked me.
I had nodded, even though I wasn’t. We walked down the block of the school, and I saw Randy and Alex out of the corner of my eye. They were following us. I elbowed my friend in the ribs and she looked, spotting them too. As we crossed the street, I saw them behind us and heard them whispering something. I whipped around to face them. They stopped short, taken aback by my abrupt movement.
“Don’t follow us, Germy!” I screamed at him, trying to save face in the presence of a man with a weapon.
Randy riled up and took the knife out of his back pocket and pointed the blade towards me. He took a step towards me, and I took one back. Randy smiled evilly and began to walk towards me with the blade shining in the sunlight. I looked over, and the security guard standing on the corner of the street.
“Why won’t you help me?” I whispered desperately.
“Don’t call me that, anymore.” Randy said.
He quickened his pace and I felt blood rush to my head. My breathing got faster and faster, as did his footwork. Before I knew it, Randy was running towards me, that red face and black-handled knife inches away from me. Fate dealt me a bad card as my shoe lace came untied and I tripped right over it. I scraped the already bloody knee once more and cut my wrist on the pavement. I didn’t care about the throbbing pain or the blood pouring down my arm. I lay on the hot pavement, face pressed up against the rocks, with my eyes closed.
“Do it already.” I remember thinking to myself.
Hazarding a glance, I opened one eye and saw my friends running towards me.
“Get away from her, you monster!” my friend yelled, slapping his face hard.
My other friend helped me up, as I lay there, shaking.
“You tell anyone, I kill you!” Randy screamed in my direction, holding the knife in the air “I swear to god!”

Next morning I walk into school, still shaking. My mind reels, trying to piece everything together. I sit in homeroom, at the same table as Chrissie. I can tell she was nervous, a little sad.
“Are you okay?” I whisper across to her
She nods at me, masking sadness. As the teacher went down the list, calling out names, she trembled. When the teacher got to her name, the last one on the list, she burst into tears. I got up, and put an arm around her as she put her head on the table. The bell rang as the teacher came over. She looked at me.
“You can go to class now.” She told me.

I sit in class, silently, thinking about Chrissie. A knock on the door comes, and I look up, hoping its her. It was a police man. He whispered something in the teacher’s ear and he motioned for me to stand. I walked over to him.
“You’re going to have to come with me.” The police man said.
He led me to the principal’s office, where Lisa and Chrissie sat. Chrissie’s face was tear soaked as she got up and hugged me. Lisa walked over and hugged me too.
“It’s going to be okay.” I whispered in their ears, hoping it was true.

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