Desolation Canyon

April 13, 2011
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I remember the horses galloping across the cannon platea, I could almost hear the hollow sound of their feet race across the ground, but the plane was too loud. Thinking back now my birthday was coming up; two days maybe, I couldn’t remember. At the moment I was rafting in Desolation Canyon, Utah. The rapid system was, Level One, bumpy, Level Two, shaky, Level Three, experienced, Level Four, difficult, and Level Five, very rough. I was headed straight for level three to four rapids. In a second I was going to get a taste of what rafting really was.

My brother and I were sitting in a small two-person kayak. It was inflatable and I could tell by the increasing movement under the thin piece of plastic beneath me. I was informed back half a mile that this set of rapids was coming up but I didn’t understand the severeness of the situation until I was finally there. My heart was thumping so loudly I could hear it through my ears and I was shacking like a freezing baby.

With my mother, dad, sister and two other couples behind me I was nearing the rapids. I could now see what I was in for. Before I couldn’t hear any more, my mom yelled to me, “Be care…,”The rumble under me increased as if a large earthquake was occurring. My brother must have said something along the lines”O GOD” because I could see his mouth moving. It started off with three fifteen-foot drops and I couldn’t see the rest considering it was below the drop. My adrenalin shot up. With this new-found energy I was ready for the drop. Bring it on, I thought and then we started.

I was hoping to go it the middle of one of the drops but with my luck I went straight over one. We plummeted into an opening under the rock because of our angle. We flipped upside down in a nose dive. I forgot to take a breath under all the excitement. Under water I felt like I was drowning, but my life jacket saved me. I was bought right to the top of the water it felt like I was in a washing machine, and I wiped my eyes like wind shield wipers as quick as I could. Ahead of me a little blurry mound was all I could see, but as it became clearer I saw a huge rock and the current was pulling me towards it. I put my legs out in front of me and pushed off the rock. One of my feet slides of the slippery surface.

As I drifted down the river I heard yells of worry. “Are you okay?” or “Do you need help?” I assured them I was fine and my brother said he was fine too. It was so exhilarating and scary. I was so amped up I could have done it again, but it was behind us now. I really hope we go rafting again soon. What a great birthday present.

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