April 15, 2011
By youaintgotnopancakemix SILVER, Danbury, Connecticut
youaintgotnopancakemix SILVER, Danbury, Connecticut
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I hate improvising.
I don't know why; I just do.
Whether it's in band or in Taekwondo, I can't stand it.
Maybe it's because I hate the fact that you have to make it up on the spot.
I mean, you're just sitting there, reading your music, and then... BAM! Solo section! What notes should I play? Long notes or short notes? Does this sound right?
And then in Taekwondo you're doing your regular pattern, and then Mr. Z tells us to make up our own. What techniques can I use? Do I look like an idiot dancing or a prodigy performing?
Other people like the idea of freestyle, but it scares me that I don't have something set in stone.
I'm getting better at improv now, but I still stand by this.
I hate improvisation.
I hate solos.
I hope that I can get over this soon, because if I don't, I can kiss a music career goodbye.

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