a new highly contagious disease - cricket fever

April 14, 2011
By -tamara- BRONZE, Dubai, Other
-tamara- BRONZE, Dubai, Other
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Saturday morning 9:30 am,

I woke up very early one Saturday morning, all happy and excited for the big day today. I could hardly sleep last night, probably because I was trying to figure out how id fallen in love with it in just one week, after id seen it just once.

There was joy everywhere the day before the weekend, and even today. Every-one was happy, there were flags everywhere, colours around and sweets were being prepared. The atmosphere was like that on a festival day except today was not any festival. Everybody was eager for the upcoming events; I too was happy, proud and eager like every-one else. Yet that small question still pricked me somewhere in the corner of my mind, I still dint have the answer as to how had I fallen in love with something that I had hated almost all my life, how was I all of sudden enjoying it, cheering for it, like it meant the whole world to me .This feeling was of eagerness, proudness, joy and above all it was about loving them. None of this answered my question though, that was still a problem not a huge one but it still mattered to me, if I dint get a answer then it would always prick me somewhere in my mind, so my mission about finding the question was still on…………

Saturday evening 10:30

Finally the hour everyone had been waiting for had come. We had won. I had won. Victory was ours. After 28 years of hard work, 28 years of patience, 28 years of improving, 28 years of loosing and then gradually learning from that defeat. Tears ran down every player eyes, they had done it for their country, they had done it for their nation, they had fulfilled every-ones wish. These tears of joy, this atmosphere was first observed 28 years ago. When I was probably not even born, but when India had won their first icc cricket world cup, when they had first proved themselves champions.

Two things were achieved that day my answer to the mind pricking question and a grand victory of tem India. My answer was simple yet it took me long to understand it. The crowed of people, the love of these players for their country, it was an unimaginable and unbelievable sight for me, I had seen this kind of joy for the first time in my life. They had worked hard through out their cricket life and now their road to success was clear. Of course attaining this success was not an easy task for them, they had fallen, got hurt, lost many games of life and yet they had moved on and played for their country; always fearless. This love and devotion of theirs towards their country; is how I caught the new highly contagious disease - cricket fever

The author's comments:
this article is about india's victory in the icc cricket world cup. after loads and loads of hard work , self belif and 28 years of true sportsman-ship the indian cricket team who played on their homeground, won it - for their nation and also for sachin tendulkar a very dedicated indian player, he had been playing in the world cup for 21 years and finally after years of defeat he had won his last world cup. he wouldnt play anymore world cups in the future

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