Christmas Joy

April 13, 2011
By jamesg BRONZE, New York
jamesg BRONZE, New York
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It happens every year but it gets even more special the older you become. The week of Christmas is a very special time, especially when it’s the first Christmas you’ll remember. What is this? What is happening? These are thoughts that come to mind with this experience. Christmas is one of my most favorite childhood memories, especially when there is snow outside covering the ground in a nice soft white blanket. Happiness is something that comes with the holiday, everyone you meet everywhere you go is cheerful. The week of Christmas is a very exciting and fun time; I love the feeling of the holiday. You hear the sound of Christmas carolers singing familiar Christmas carols, people talking about their plans with their families for the holiday, and you put up the decorations on your house and in your house with your parents. All these things bring back the memories of your first and past Christmases.

I go outside and feel the freezing the cold of the weather, but inner warmth from the season. This warmth comes the time with your family and friends, and from all the joy surrounding you. I look up and the snow is falling and I look at how beautifully it falls and envelops everything around me in a white cover. The snow is one of the things that makes the season memorable, rain is something that happens very often but it is the rarity of the snow that makes it special. Another thing that makes it special is the calm feeling of seeing the snow fall, rain comes down as small drips of water striking the Earth but snow falls slowly and rests on the ground.

Then your at home sitting with your family, eating food, talking about and listening to the old stories, as the elder members of the family recall and recite the Christmases of their past at the dinner, table and the kids sit around, listening at to the description of this holiday. Because it is a holiday there is no school so I try to fill the time up with exciting and entertaining things. I do things like decoration my house or go sledding or just relaxing. Something that I do that brings back memories is watching the old Christmas specials from the years before. Those shows convey the happiness of the seasons using loveable characters that people remember even as they become older.

I wonder what today will be like; I hope it is a good day. The day of Christmas your mind is full of fantasy wondering what the day will be like, and you think about what you will do today and where you will go. You start your day appreciating a completely calm and peaceful complete silence when you wake up. Then you go to the tree and open the presents with your family. Afterwards you go to a Christmas party at a relatives where you have a large dinner with your family, everyone is talking and laughing about things they’ve done that year.
This is my favorite holiday because of how memorable it was. There are so many changes that come with the holiday, like the weather, everyone’s emotions, and everything is decorated. You also have the chance to see family members that you haven’t seen in a long time. It’s a very beautiful time; the snow covers everything and gives it a clean white color. Christmas was a very special time to me because of all these reasons and still is.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by the beautiful feeling that comes with christmas.

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