In Delight Of Distraction

April 18, 2011
By writingfashionista BRONZE, Mason, Ohio
writingfashionista BRONZE, Mason, Ohio
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Attittide is Everything

All throughout my life, I’ve been known to be very easily distracted. Keeping my attention for long can be about as easy as wrestling a bear and winning. I’ve done things such as switching topics in the middle of a sentence, getting distracted by pretty things, forgetting what I’m talking about and many other similar things. My doctors have always blamed it on me probably having ADHD, my parents blame it on my just being overly hyper and my friends just think it’s funny but sometimes annoying at the same time. Me, I just think that I have an overly acute short attention span and a very quick moving brain.

My distraction tastes like the mystery flavor of Dum Dum lollipops, you can never be sure what you’re going to get, and you don’t get bored easily if you eat more than one. That’s what my easily distractedness does do me, it makes it a lot harder for me to be bored, especially when I am in a new, or less familiar place. That definitely is a positive for me because I tend to get bored easily, but I can just as easily be distracted as I can get bored. Though this distractedness can sometimes be more annoying than beneficial, like when I’m doing homework, or I’m trying to pay attention in class, I still like the ability to be distracted easily.
Having a short attention span can make for some interesting conversations, even though they can turn a little silly and sometimes are on the edge of being bizarre. When talking my conversations can jump from something more serious like college decision to something completely silly and bizarre like how pickles are really cucumbers in a matter of seconds. Whenever I make such a dramatic switch in topics, my friends always start laughing hysterically, so much so that they can’t breathe and sound like their dying, even though they do the same thing. The conversations with them never get boring because between me and all my friends we always have good topics that keep our conversations interesting.
Being a great shopper is another unexpected gift of being distracted easily. It makes me be able to go through items really fast, deciding whether or not I like them. If I really like something it will hold my attention for more than a few seconds before I move onto the next item or my wandering eyes will keep coming back to it. This tells me that the item of clothing or whatever it is, is my style, or if its for someone else, it is their style and they will like it to.
So let’s give it up to the ability of being easily distracted and the traits that it gives me, of being able to not be bored often, to be a great conversationalist, and to being an excellent shopper when I want to be. These abilities are great and that’s why I love being an easily distracted person.

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