Blind Youth

April 11, 2011
By awritersesteem GOLD, Stafford, Virginia
awritersesteem GOLD, Stafford, Virginia
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"Keep your fears to yourself, but share your inspiration with others."

-Robert Louis Stevenson

I grew up believing the world was wonderful safe place. I had my mommy and my daddy to protect me, along with my older siblings. I thought nothing could hurt me; I would be safe and happy forever. Nothing worse than a scraped knee or a bug bite ever seemed to happen. Aren’t kids lucky that way? They don’t have to see the dangers and evil of the world, their too young to understand.
As I grew older I realized how truly dangerous our home is. How a car could leap out at you and kill you, or you could die of a food allergy you didn’t know you had. Diseases, illness, there’s all sorts of deadly things in the world. I had to realize everything wasn’t sugar spice and everything nice, but that there were people who would hurt me, for no reason other than they were angry about something else. That life is nothing guaranteed. That I might never be an adult, or retire. I may never make it that far. The world changed in my eyes. It wasn’t the haven I grew up believing it was. It was dangerous. You can be as careful as you want to be but bad things will still happen to you, sometimes out of your control. So I know to live life the happiest I can and enjoy every second I’m lucky enough to have in this dangerous place.

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roseygigi said...
on Jan. 28 2013 at 10:01 am
this is very true and kind of scary

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