I am a box of crayons

April 19, 2011
By Shannon Bader SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Shannon Bader SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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A little girl was packing her backpack at the end of school, waiting for the bell to ring. As she was packing she noticed her small pack of 24 crayons hidden in the back of her desk. She quickly grabbed them and put them in the bag with the rest of her supplies.

She pulled on her hat, gloves, and put on her coat. She put her arms through the straps and ran to the bus. The little girl found a seat and opened her backpack. Sitting on the top of all her supplies were her little box of crayons. She grabbed her notebook and opened it to a clean page. She opened her box of crayons. The crayons were all short and stubby from use. They were worn down and the paper was ripped.

The little girl put her crayons to work yet again to the blank sheet of paper and drew. She drew a sunset, family, and the world all on a single sheet. She grabbed the green and painted a tree. She used the gray to draw a plane. She drew snow covered mountains and the world. The girl in the picture, she colored hot pink.

The girl in hot pink was in a plane, she was climbing a tree, and she was climbing mountains. This girl in the hot pink was amazing.

The little girl finished her picture and put it in her bag as the bus slowed to her stop. She hopped off the bus and ran up to the house. She opened the door and yelled “I’m home!”

“Welcome home!” said a girl in a hot pink shirt and paint stains on her hands. The girl in the pink gave her younger sister a hug and said “Happy birthday little sis, I got this for you.” The young girl took the small package and carefully unwrapped the present.

Inside was a box of crayons.

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